Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week of May 11-21, 2015

Tutoring: Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning

Assessments: Unit 5 test is Thursday
Senior Finals, 3rd and 4th is Thursday and 1st is Friday

Helpful websites:

Monday- sine and cosine graphs

Tuesday- sine and cosine graphs on the move

Wednesday- review for the unit 5 test

Thursday- unit 5 test

Friday - Exploratory on the unit circle


Monday and Tuesday- review for the final exams

Wednesday- 1st and 2nd final exams

Thursday- 3rd and 4th final exams

It was a great semester and I am thankful for the opportuniy to teach each student.  The class is meant to make you think every day. You will appreciate the drive to higher order thinking!
Have a great summer!

Ms. Harrell

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SLO information

Earlier this semester, teachers posted information to their syllabi regarding the SLO (Student Learning Objectives) assessment and how it would be graded.  This test was given at the beginning of the semester as a baseline measure and again recently to measure the student’s individual growth.  The score at the end of the semester was originally going to be used to calculate part of the final exam grade.  We recently learned that it is up to each local school to determine how to, if at all, grade this assessment.  Upon further review, we have decided to exclude those scores from being calculated into the final exam grade.  This may, however, change for the upcoming year as the guidelines are still fluctuating.  If you have questions, please contact Mr. T.J. Perry at

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week of May 4-8, 2015

Tutoring: Tuesday afternoon ( until 4:30 only) and Friday morning.

Assessments: Quiz on Friday, Unit 5 test is tentative for Thursday, May 14th,  first block seniors can opt out of this test, as 3rd and 4th block seniors will take the final exam on the 14th.

Today, we kick off the unit 5 with a look at radians and degrees. Also, we look at using SOHCAHTOA to solve for missing sides.
HW: None

Today, we look at the trig functions again to solve for two missing sides of a triangle. The key to the lesson today is the correct selection of trig function.
HW: None

You start class off with a cube full of problems on the sides. I will allow you to make the cube in class. Also, we fill out the unit circle.
HW: None

It is the day to show me what you know about the trig functions and the unit circle. I will include a review session before the quiz.
HW: None

Yes, it is Friday, one week for seniors and two weeks for underclassmen. It is the day to look at the sine graph.
HW: None

Have a great weekend!
Ms. Harrell