Saturday, July 30, 2016

College Readiness Mathematics week of 8.1.2016-8.5.2016

Tutoring: Friday afternoon only this week due to classroom move on Tuesday through Thursday

Assessments: None this week

Welcome to class, second is less than 30 minutes and 3rd will be the full 90 minutes. My main goal today is to ensure you are in the correct class.

Tuesday- Thursday
2nd --room Unit 2
3rd--- room 104

We will move classrooms for 3 days due to 9th grade small groups, the topics will be review of Algebra 2.

And we are back in my room 911 for class today. Topic will be a continued review of Algebra 2 topics.

Have a great weekend! ( Summer Olympics Opening ceremonies are Friday night!)

Ms. Harrell

PreCalculus week of 8.1.2016-8.5.2016

Tutoring: Friday afternoon only this week, none on Wednesday morning due to classroom move

Assessments: None this week

( No websites this week as it is  review, ask me in class if you need additional resources)

Welcome to day one of the course. You will have class for less than 30 minutes. My main goal is to make sure you are in the correct math class.
HW: supplies for the class

Tuesday -- Thursday
We will be in room 1009 for class all 3 days this week  due to 9th grade small group classes. The goal of class is review of some Algebra 2 topics needed for PreCalculus.
HW: Supplies for class, review classwork

We are back in my room 911 today. Class will be the first part of the Matrices unit.
HW; none, enjoy the weekend

Have a great weekend, Olympic Opening Ceremonies are Friday, 8.5.2016!

Ms. Harrell

Welcome to PreCalculus Fall 2016.2017

This blog is posted weekly by midnight on Sunday.  Each post includes  any tutoring updates  for the week, upcoming assessments, plan for the week and websites to help with the topic each day.

Hello all Precalculus students:
 I look forward to a  wonderful  semester with you! All  students can have success in my class, a  list of key items:
1 ) Great attendance
2) Listen to all instruction and ask questions as needed
3) Do all assigned work
4) Study outside the classroom ( if needed)
5) Positive Attitude
6) Stay on task ( no phones)
7) Synergy Awareness- let me know of any issues via the grade discussion  protocol

Let's have a great semester!

Ms. Harrell ( Tour Guide)